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Drizzle Honey Aja Horsley, Owner & Founder What inspired you to start this business? Honey is a complex and precious gift from honey bees. When I was working as an environmental scientist researcher, I had the opportunity to learn about this through beekeeping projects I was leading. I was inspired by the terroir, or character, of the honey which changed depending on location, season and floral sources. I was also deeply concerned about fake imported honey disrupting our local beekeepers ability to succeed, as well as the urgent need to support sustainability in beekeeping. What do you like most about … Continued

Bamboo Ballroom Stacey Boruk, Owner What inspired you to start this business? I have always loved fashion, and when I started my business 12 years ago there were very few boutiques or shops (big and small) for women to find clothing with an edge or unique on-trend pieces. I was inspired by lack of choice and a knowing I could provide an outlet for others experiencing similar fashion frustrations. What do you like most about your business? I love opening boxes with new arrivals—it’s like Christmas! What do you feel differentiates Calgary as a supportive community compared to other big … Continued

Anneke Forbes Anneke Forbes, Designer What inspired you to start this business? Whether my parents know it or not, they were definitely the inspiration behind the launch of my line of outerwear in 2015. My father’s passing pushed forward the realization that life is short. I was tired of spending my days working jobs that weren’t quite right and ready to take a risk on my dream. The outerwear focus is thanks to my mother. Of all my fashion school creations, the one garment that captured my heart was a fuchsia coat that featured bound buttonholes. That detail was inspired … Continued

Ashley Nadalin Designs Ashley Bagg, Owner What inspired you to start this business? Calgary. For so long I was tinkering around in my basement, experimenting and starting to get an idea of what sorts of things I was even capable of making. Having no background in jewellery-making, fashion, or anything of the sort, I began trying to create the ideas I had in my head real. During the Christmas season of 2013, I applied to my first local market and the response was amazing. It’s such a great feeling to know you’re not the only one who’s excited about what … Continued

jools & joplin Sarah and Kristy, Co-Owners What inspired you to start this business? Sarah: I started my career in jewelry design at the Alberta Diamond Exchange. I designed engagement rings and high-end jewelry, but felt I was missing my chance at exploring my own creative freedom. I decided to move on and design pieces to speak to any girl who has a flare for fashion that could rock her piece(s) out for coffee or late night drinks with girlfriends. Kristy: I am an entrepreneur and an artist at heart. Before starting this business, I worked as a consultant and … Continued

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