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Mammoth Beard Co. Lindsay Palichuk, Co-Owner What inspired you to start this business? I guess it was Lee’s beard (Lee is co-owner of Mammoth Beard Co. and Lindsay’s husband). He has always had facial hair, and one day he decided to start growing a beard. I had seen beard oil before and thought it would be a great Christmas gift for Lee. I have a background in aromatherapy, so when I started looking at the ingredients found in the beard oils, I thought to myself that I could make this but I could do it better since I am very … Continued

BARKyyc Rhonda Law, Owner What inspired you to start this business? I was working full-time as a registered nurse about two years ago, and we had just gotten our dog a few months before that. He (the dog) is a greyhound, and they have pretty sensitive tummies, so I started making my own treats for him because we were spending hundreds of dollars on all these different pet-store treats that he just wouldn’t eat or got sick from. I started with all-natural treats that are human-grade, and then eventually I started making accessories for him as the only items I … Continued

BE PART OF THE CLUB We are happy to introduce our fall initiative, Off Cut Culture Club! Encouraging the progression of culture in Calgary, Off Cut is welcoming local artisans, businesses and designers to pop-up on site and take part in our weekend happy hour! Showcasing their amazing work, the Off Cut Culture Club vendors are inviting everyone to sip and shop Saturdays from 2-5! Launching September 9th, Off Cut will kick off the Culture Club with BARKyyc, offering the Inglewood scene the perfect dog accessories for all those with precious pups. Each Saturday following, through mid November Off Cut … Continued

Coniferous Zingibeer Kyle Chow – Plant   What is the inspiration behind your cocktail? For me, it was about taking all of the flavours I like in a drink. I love refreshing and bright drinks, and I think the cocktail we designed really meets that. The Coniferous Zingibeer is really fresh, citrusy, and it’s herbaceous which pairs with our love of plants, obviously. How many years have you been in Inglewood? We have been in the neighbourhood for just under 3 years, but in this specific space for about a year and a half. Before we moved to this location, … Continued

The Rose of 1867 Kevin Kent (President) and Nathan Gareau (Store Manager), Kent of Inglewood Kent of Inglewood opened its doors in 2014 and has been instilling a passion for cocktails, classic shaving, quality fragrances and even axes into the neighbourhood ever since. With 10 shops across Canada, President Kevin and his team help customers find the right gear for their everyday routines and show them how to enjoy seemingly simple tasks like shaving. He and store manager Nathan Gareau drew on tradition to create the Rose of 1867, a blend of Calgary rye, Benedictine, Third Place Ginger Rose Tonic, … Continued

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