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Lavish Society Co. Jane, Co-Owner What inspired you to start this business? The idea started when we (Jane and her sister Jean) were picking out a bouquet of flowers to give to our mother. It was our parents’ 30th wedding anniversary, and we wanted to buy a super elaborate rose bouquet, but we were struggling with the idea of spending so much money on something that wasn’t going to last more than a week. We started looking at alternatives when we stumbled across preserved roses. We knew immediately that this could change the game of rose-gifting. Rose arrangement boxes became our … Continued

  Inspired by the fall season and the desire to cozy up at home, starting today both The Nash and NOtaBLE restaurants are launching their Let’s Go Home loyalty program. Inspired by the need to stay home during the cooler months and their loyal customers, both restaurants are offering diners to take their famous happy chickens home with them and the opportunity to receive a complimentary happy chicken. For every happy chicken ordered from their gourmet 2 go menu, customers will receive a stamp on their Let’s Go Home loyalty card. For every five happy chickens purchased, customers will receive … Continued

little lion man leather Myles Maxey, Co-Owner What inspired you to start this business? This was a natural fit for us as we have always been hands-on. After graduating from university, I worked for Alberta Health Services and quickly realized that I didn’t “play well with others.” So I quit and decided to teach myself how to work leather. My brother Connor and I have been doing this now for five years and day-to-day it’s still trial by fire. Another thing that inspired us was the lack of quality in leather consumer goods—we thought there must be a better way … Continued

Mammoth Beard Co. Lindsay Palichuk, Co-Owner What inspired you to start this business? I guess it was Lee’s beard (Lee is co-owner of Mammoth Beard Co. and Lindsay’s husband). He has always had facial hair, and one day he decided to start growing a beard. I had seen beard oil before and thought it would be a great Christmas gift for Lee. I have a background in aromatherapy, so when I started looking at the ingredients found in the beard oils, I thought to myself that I could make this but I could do it better since I am very … Continued

BARKyyc Rhonda Law, Owner What inspired you to start this business? I was working full-time as a registered nurse about two years ago, and we had just gotten our dog a few months before that. He (the dog) is a greyhound, and they have pretty sensitive tummies, so I started making my own treats for him because we were spending hundreds of dollars on all these different pet-store treats that he just wouldn’t eat or got sick from. I started with all-natural treats that are human-grade, and then eventually I started making accessories for him as the only items I … Continued

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