The Daily Roundup: 7 Reasons to Visit the Nash This Week

Family dinner, drinks on the patio and all the other reasons you should stop by

Tuesday Due for a spontaneous date night? Tuesday is a perfect evening for a walk-in. Truthfully, there’s never a bad day to experience our dishes. Not familiar with our dinner menu? Check it out here, make sure that special someone’s free, then head over. And if you can’t imagine such a carefree, pre-arranged event, you can always call ahead or find a spot on OpenTable.

Wednesday – Some post-workday shopping in Inglewood is a fantastic way to beat a mid-week slump, and it can only be made better by popping in for dessert, a drink, or dinner. We’d love to see what you picked up from around the corner at the Livery Shop, espy or the Silk Road Spice Merchant. Our neighbours are the best.

Thursday – Is the new Friday. Actually, let’s be honest, imbibing on a Thursday isn’t even a rebellious move these days, so to bring back the mystique, we’ve added some surprises to Happy Hour. From 4 to 7 p.m., pull up a stool at the Off Cut Bar and get ready to munch on some of our ever-changing creations. And for $8 a glass, we’re pouring a daily selection of “brown bag wine”. You might not know the name, but you’ll definitely know you want more.

Friday – Shake off the week on our patio. While the sun’s still high in the sky, start off with something good in your glass. Our beer and wine lists are thoughtful, yet approachable, all curated to pair with our menu and perfect summer nights. This is another great opportunity to take advantage of Happy Hour pricing from 4 to 7 p.m.

Saturday – Early birds, enjoy a delicious brunch from our extensive menu until 3 p.m. Did we mention the fresh-baked cinnamon buns? Or if you’re a real winner, you’ll come back later for our Chicken Dinner for Two: $29 gets you a shareable, juicy roasted chicken off our wood burning rotisserie and all of the fixins.

Sunday – Family dinner has never been better. Three courses for $39 per person means your favourite people can share the kind of mouthwatering, seasonally-inspired meal that keeps the conversation flowing.

Anytime – Life is hectic and sometimes there’s no time for groceries. You’re home late from work, ravenous and tired, in no position to be procuring or preparing anything worth eating. The answer: Gourmet 2 Go. From 5 p.m. onward, a slightly condensed menu of Nash classics (and your reinstated sanity) are a phone call away. We can see you putting us on speed dial already.

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