Off Cut Culture Club Vendor: Adrian Martinus

Adrian Martinus

Martinus Pool, Co-Owner

What inspired you to start this business?

When we first started working with skateboards there wasn’t a plan to start building a business, it was just something we were doing on the side during evenings and on weekends. Then, about three years ago, we started doing our own designs and custom work and fully committed to the business.

What do you like most about your business?

We started our business before the materials we used were popular and being featured by other businesses, so we were able to get into that niche market. We like to think we create original pieces and really try to maximize the use of our materials. For us, it has been about the process, and that is definitely something we enjoy focusing on.

What do you feel differentiates Calgary as a supportive community compared to other big cities, in terms of businesses supporting other local businesses?

Calgary definitely has a supportive artist community, and people in this city appreciate hard work. Everyone is always willing to help each other each out, and we do a lot of work with other artists through Market Collective by building displays. Everyone is on the same page and wants Calgary to grow. Montreal and Vancouver are very established, culture-wise, and the people in Calgary want to get on the same playing field as those cities.

How do you feel Calgary’s culture has changed or developed in the last few years?

Calgary’s culture has diversified a lot. We used to be the cowboy hockey town and now it’s becoming a lot more renowned for its restaurants and culture. Even looking at Calgary’s recent musical festivals and things like Beakerhead and Market Collective, Calgary is definitely more than it used to be.

 Where are your favourite stomping grounds in Calgary?

We go to The Palomino Smokehouse a lot because the BBQ and shows are always pretty good. Inglewood is one neighbourhood we really enjoy. We’ve been doing a lot of work with a few breweries making their tap handles. The beer culture here is getting really cool too, so that is one thing we always check out when we are in Inglewood—High Line Brewing and Cold Garden Beverage Company.

Why do you feel it is important to collaborate with other businesses in Calgary?

If your community is working together, like with Market Collective, you start to get exposure and people begin to understand or find out what small businesses are growing in Calgary. Rather than just relying on social media to get exposure, you can garner it through all the businesses you work with or that are in one spot.

If you had a dream local business to work with in the city, who would it be?

We already work with most of the local skateboard shops in and around Calgary, collecting their old skateboards to recycle. We would like to work with them to organize a charity event to benefit local and international skateboard organizations where we either raffle off or have a silent auction featuring some of our work.

Where do you find inspiration / where do you go to feel inspired?

Adrian and his wife live in Bowness and walk their dog through the park there every day along the river, and I think that is his reflection and inspiration point.

We grew up skateboarding and I studied film in school – so those two things have shaped how our aesthetic and given us a very DIY approach to our design and production.

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