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Any Adventure Designs

Becky Fidlin

Off Cut Culture Club is happy to introduce its first 2018 vendor, Any Adventure Designs. The husband-and-wife duo, Bill and Becky Fidlin, rebranded Becky Warren Design in January 2018 to communicate what they value in life. Any Adventure Designs translates inspiration from their life to greeting cards and printed goods and strives to make even the smallest moments an adventure. In our latest blog post, Becky Fidlin introduces her brand and what small businesses in Calgary mean to her.

What inspired you to start this business?
I have illustration experience and a background in graphic design, and when I first got inspired I wanted to branch out into freelance design work. I started attending creative markets, like Market Collective, in the area and saw that people were doing this full time and living their artistic dreams-I wanted to do that too! Since I was illustrating so much at home already, I applied to the markets and got into Market Collective. My first time there I only sold a couple of things but I was hooked. I began to wonder if I could make it my full-time career, and since then I’ve never turned back.

What prompted you to rebrand your company in January?
When I started Becky Warren Design I just jumped right in and never slowed down. When we got married last year, I wanted something we could both do and something we could grow with-plus, my last name isn’t even Warren anymore, so it was time for a change. Coming from a design background, it was important to me to have a more established brand. We wanted it to reflect our life and capture the feelings we have each day to share with others. We treat each day as an adventure, and that is something that will be shown through the brand.

What do you enjoy most about running your business in Calgary?
The opportunity is here. Calgary is such a fresh artistic community, and there is an opportunity for me to be a part of it. Not being from Calgary originally, I can tell the difference from other cities in Canada. Calgary is so new, and it feels like you can get in on the ground floor. I feel like we are a part of this handmade movement that isn’t prominent in other parts of Canada. Everyone is down to earth and their own self-made man. People really believe in their community and supporting local here. All of that, plus the fact that I just love Calgary.

If you could collaborate with any local business, which one would it be?
There are two: Salty Sea Dog Designs and Ashleigh Amber Moore Jewelry. What I love about them is that they are 100% hand-made. They are making them from design to completion and that is hard to find. I just love that there is a story.

Where do you go to find inspiration?
Most of our designs are animal-based because we are animal lovers. In the summer we went to Africa because we wanted to gather inspiration from the nature and animals. It was amazing because it was an environment we don’t have access to normally. We love gathering inspiration from nature and the wilderness. It’s nice to get out to the mountains a couple times a week, but Africa offered something completely different and unique. For example, we have a new card coming out for a baby. The card has elephants that were drawn using references from our trip. We used the experience to directly translate that inspiration to our artwork. From beginning to end we were involved. Our designs come from our life.

What is your best piece of advice for aspiring local business owners?
It might be generic, but just start. So many people don’t do things because they are afraid of the rejection or that it is too overwhelming. I started with a table and a few drawings, but once you surround yourself with other creatives it will inspire you to get out there. The best thing is to get out there and meet people, pick their brain. Just put yourself out there.

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