Off Cut Culture Club Vendor: Drizzle Honey

Drizzle Honey

Aja Horsley, Owner & Founder

What inspired you to start this business?

Honey is a complex and precious gift from honey bees. When I was working as an environmental scientist researcher, I had the opportunity to learn about this through beekeeping projects I was leading. I was inspired by the terroir, or character, of the honey which changed depending on location, season and floral sources. I was also deeply concerned about fake imported honey disrupting our local beekeepers ability to succeed, as well as the urgent need to support sustainability in beekeeping.

What do you like most about your business?

Everyday I get to be creative. In my former jobs I wasn’t able to express my personality, vision or lifestyle in my work.

What do you feel differentiates Calgary as a supportive community compared to other big cities, in terms of businesses supporting other local businesses?

With all the ups and downs from our economy being tied to the oil-and-gas sector, everyone in this city has closely experienced lay-offs, tight income levels and job insecurity. With these experiences, people have developed compassion, support and understanding to those trying to create a life not dependent on an insecure sector.

How do you feel Calgary’s culture has changed or developed in the last few years?

I’m a proud born-and-raised Calgarian. I love that Calgary has developed a strong entrepreneurial culture, and has grown to be more supportive of tech, agriculture and the arts. I really do think it’s become more visible and accepted in the last few years.

Where are your favourite stomping grounds in Calgary?

My favourite district is Kensington. I lived there most of my 20s and have some great memories. I love being outside, and my favourite spots includes Confederation Park, the paths on the southwest side of Edworthy Park and the ravine in Tuscany Hills. I suppose I’m supposed to act cool and mention a hip bar that I hang out at. Lately I’ve been enjoying the cocktails at Ricardo’s on 17 Avenue!

Why do you feel it is important to collaborate with other businesses in Calgary?

By supporting each other, we make each other better. The more we talk with each other and learn what has and has not worked, the better we all become. If you don’t collaborate, you learn less and that’s not good for any business owner.

If you had a dream local business to work with in the city, who would it be?

Fiasco Gelato. Stay tuned?!

Where do you find inspiration / where do you go to feel inspired?

In the mountains. My grandmother was born in Exshaw. She had to move to Banff by herself for high school because transporation was too difficult back then. I feel so connected to history in those areas, but when I’m surrounded by giant mountains I can’t help but feel insignificant. That clears my head and allows me to be inspired.

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