Off Cut Culture Club Vendor: Mammoth Beard Co.

Mammoth Beard Co.

Lindsay Palichuk, Co-Owner

What inspired you to start this business?

I guess it was Lee’s beard (Lee is co-owner of Mammoth Beard Co. and Lindsay’s husband). He has always had facial hair, and one day he decided to start growing a beard. I had seen beard oil before and thought it would be a great Christmas gift for Lee. I have a background in aromatherapy, so when I started looking at the ingredients found in the beard oils, I thought to myself that I could make this but I could do it better since I am very familiar with the ingredients.

I then started tinkering with some different recipes. Lee loved them. We started giving them out to friends and then we started getting requests. After we started getting requests we realized we had something here and then decided to launch our business. There wasn’t a lot of in-market, Canada-made products yet and thought this was a great time to jump-in.

What do you like most about your business?

Primarily it’s an online business and we love the freedom it gives us. Lee works for Mammoth full-time and works from home. We are very busy but this style is very laid-back. It’s not like waking up and working from 9-5—it’s a different kind of world.

The other thing we like about our business is the fact it’s almost like another child to us.  It’s been Lee and I right from the beginning, and everything we do is from the heart and is very personal. Running your own business is like showcasing your own personality. We are very hands-on and want things to do be done right and in this environment. We can make sure everything is exactly how we want it to be done.

What do you feel differentiates Calgary as a supportive community compared to other big cities, in terms of businesses supporting other local businesses?

I can’t compare it to other cities, but one of the things we love about Calgary is that there is a vibrant entrepenurial spirit. Since we started Mammoth Beard Co. we have been introduced to so many like-minded people, entrepeneurs and local businesses of varying sizes and the support between these companies—sharing on social media, sharing supplies,etc. I feel like a lot of people try to be more tight-mouthed with their business— they think it gives them an advantage—but the entrepenurial community in Calgary is willing to share their knowledge. I don’t think that is common thing to see in other cities.

How do you feel Calgary’s culture has changed or developed in the last few years?

Calgary’s culture has absolutely changed and developed in the last few years. I am a born-and-raised Calgarian, and I remember thinking when I was younger that other places had so much more to offer and I couldn’t wait to get out of here. Now, as an adult that has grown up in Calgary, I don’t think I could live anywhere else. Calgary’s culture, especially lately, has been amazing. Calgary has really come together as a culture, from our restaurant/food scene and greenspaces to our art and festivals.

Where are your favourite stomping grounds in Calgary?

One that we just discovered and are totally in love with is Hayden Block Smoke & Whiskey in Kensington. We love BBQ and smokehouses, and Lee is a huge whiskey fan. A favourite pub of ours is the Palomino Smokehouse and, of course, The Nash is our favourite restaurant—its Sunday night dinners are probably one of the greatest ideas I’ve heard of. We also really enjoy the greenspaces in Calgary and spend quite a bit of time at Bowness Park and Prince’s Island Park. We also like to spend some time in the Rocky Mountains since we are so close.

What do you like, or why do you feel it is important to collaborate with other businesses in Calgary?

From a business perspective, cultivating that local spirit is so important—it’s what people want and it’s definitely a trend people are looking for. People generally like to support local, and we definitely do that from a business standpoint. When everybody is supporting each other, it enriches the community and businesses in Calgary.

If you had a dream local business to work with in the city, who would it be?

I think we’ve already crossed our dream partnership off our bucket list with the Kent of Inglewood. We partnered with them not long after our launch and have been going strong ever since. They’ve been huge supporters of our business and we’ve had a lot of fun collboarting with them over the years.

Where do you find inspiration / where do you go to feel inspired?

We definitely go to the mountains to feel inspired. We love to just go for a hike and get some fresh air. However, Lee and I find a lot inspiration from each other. We like to push each other but in a positive way. Lastly, I think we find inspiration from just being a part of the local business scene and partnering with some great businesses.

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